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Sustainable Urban Development deals with many issues and we tried to make a survey on this field in a book published in 2009 As many things are linked to national regulation and laws, this part of the web site is only in French.

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Sustainable Urban Development

The SUDEN network aims at promoting sustainable urban development approaches and tools. This can be done:

  1.   by dissemination of methods and tools as we do on this web site,

  2.   in training sessions as we do in collaboration with some universities in Europe

  3.   in gathering all the actors involved in territorial projects at various scales as we did with the European Factor 4 project for example..


La Calade is a SME created in 1998 based both in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France and in Paris.

La Calade is involved in sustainable urban development issues (researches, analyses, studies, advice, etc.) but its experts work mainly in France and so the web site is only in French.

La Calade’s researchers and experts are involved in European research projects since more than 20 years.

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SUDEN members and SUDEN association itself are often involved in European projects and we present on this web site some of them.


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