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The research and demonstration HQE2R project has been supported by the European Commission in the city of tomorrow programme (FP5). It began in 2001 and ended in March 2004. It was coordinated by Catherine Charlot-Valdieu for CSTB. It has 2 main results:


  • the HQE2R approach towards sustainable neighbourhoods
  • the SUDEN non profit association for the urban sustainable development promotion

The HQE2R approach

The 2 main documents on the HQE2R approach are the HQE2R Brochure 1 on the approach itself and the HQE2R Brochure 2 on its various tools.

All the deliverables can be downloaded (download the HQE2R publications list). There are deliverables for each phase of a sustainable development neighbourhood project. See the list above in the version in French. You can also download other files in English:

Download also the poster of the final conference and the documents given to the final conference (participants documents UK)

The documents with syntheses

See the 2 Brochures mentioned above

At the end of the project various documents have been written in French by the French partners: Catherine Charlot-Valdieu and Philippe Outrequin. (see the French presentation above).

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